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Dr Janet Meehan Consultant Psychiatrist


Hi, I'm Janet Meehan - I offer friendly, confidential and affordable health care to help you get back on your feet.


Consultations are either face-to-face at 88 Rodney Street, Liverpool or can be carried out remotely using Microsoft Teams or Skype

Telephone: 07495 533003

Janet Meehan & Partners aspire to provide high quality, accessible and affordable psychiatric care to a wide range of patients.

For many people with a mental disorder, the first port of call is their GP. Many GPs have a lot of experience in treating mental disorders, however they are not experts in Mental Health. As well as being very busy people, they can be unfamiliar with prescribing certain important mental health medications.

We offer an early expert opinion, which is often not available on the NHS, with a clear diagnosis and evidence-based treatment plan. Fees are affordable giving access to immediate and long-term care that is needed to support long-term recovery.

Offering hope

Hope plays an important part in your mental health recovery process.

“To be given hope can quickly change your state of mind, a glimmer of hope can be the start of a positive future. If you are ready to begin the process of recovery – reach out – I am only a phone call away.”

No two people with the same mental health condition have the same experience. We are all unique individuals. It can sometimes be difficult to track your own progress, particularly if you have been unwell for a long time. Discussing your symptoms and your functioning with a Consultant Psychiatrist can help you to “see” your condition more clearly and identify a positive way forward. I will often say to patients; “Whatever you feel on the day that you see me is okay with me”.
As human beings, we all have a tendency to tell those closest to us that we are “fine, thank you”. We don’t like to upset or burden other people. Many people find it difficult to express their true feelings or emotions. This can be related to culture, societal expectations, upbringing or other key events in people’s lives. Men, for example, often find it more difficult to express fear or sadness, believing that they need to be “in control” or “strong”. Important changes can take place when an individual says out loud that they are far from okay and when their distress is genuinely acknowledged.
It is common for people with a mental health condition to feel this way, especially where the condition has become chronic. Some conditions actually lead to negative thoughts patterns and in many cases suicidal thoughts. You are not alone. Other people have trodden this path before you and they have managed to find a way through their difficulties with the right treatment and support. Please do not despair. You owe it to yourself to access good quality care for your condition.
Psychiatrists are fully qualified doctors. They have special knowledge in all forms of mental disorder, ranging from mild anxiety to severe schizophrenia. They understand that there is a big difference between mental illness and normal human distress. A Psychiatrist will focus on understanding your set of symptoms and will arrive at a diagnosis. This is important as different conditions require different forms of treatment, some of which cannot be initiated by a GP. A Psychiatrist will help you to decide which treatments to try and in what order. Again, this is important as sometimes patients spend a lot of time having therapy from which they gain little benefit because they are too deeply depressed. They require a course of anti-depressant treatment before they commence therapy, which then proves to be much more effective.

I'm here to listen.

Telephone: 07495 533003

Are you experiencing daily thought patterns that are overtaking your life ?
Do they leave you with feelings of dread and despair ?
Have you had enough of feeling this way?
The good news is you are reading this.
I'd like to tell you that it is possible to change those thoughts and return to happiness.

Dr Janet Meehan Consultant Psychiatrist

Yes really!


Remember YOU are in control of YOU. Making the decision to find help is in your hands, it's a brave step forward and one of the best choices you will make, I look forward to talking to you.

Take the first step...

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And Why?

Read through some positive results from some of my clients

“Since you have been looking after me, I have made tremendous progress with my mental health. I put this down to your caring informal style as well as your willingness to try me on different medications. I first saw a psychiatrist at the age of 19 years in 1977. I have seen several others since but have never found a psychiatrist who has taken such an interest and holistic approach to my mental health than you. Thank you again for looking after me so well. I feel much better now.”

Mr G, aged 62

“After being unsuccessfully diagnosed in the past, I sought the help of Dr Meehan. I had never seen a private psychiatrist before, but it has transformed my life and been worth every penny. I have never felt so listened to or like I have been taken so seriously in any other service. She has treated me with such dignity and understanding. I am now functioning a lot better and feel much more stable, confident and hopeful about the future. All of my questions have been answered and needs for any medication have been quickly and easily met. Me and my family would also like to thank her well organised staff and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone”.

Miss L, aged 35

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