Treating Anxiety

Treating Anxiety

A feeling of anxiety is something that we are all familiar with. It can lead to worry, rumination, fear, dread, as well as physical symptoms such as shaking, sweating and palpitations. Most feelings of anxiety are normal and are there to alert us to a particular problem. To listen to these feelings and act accordingly is healthy and can produce powerful results. Unfortunately for many people, feelings of anxiety are non-specific, amplified and frightening and become overwhelming. Sometimes panic attacks can occur. Anxiety can be attached to a particular trigger in which case it is referred to as a specific phobia. Alternatively, anxiety and worrying thoughts can occur persistently in a variety of situations, in which case the likely diagnosis is generalised anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders are readily treatable. Some forms of anxiety respond well to drug treatment, for example panic attacks, generalised anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Other types of anxiety respond best to talking therapies, for example CBT for a specific phobia. This is why accurate diagnosis is important. You are important and you deserve the best available treatment. 


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