The Meehan Way

Individuals with mental health conditions deserve to be on an equal footing in modern society and should have access to fulfilling roles at work. The Meehan Way is a Health Promotions Company which works with large businesses to improve the mental health of their workforce and their productivity. Business partners include Consultant Psychiatrists, an Organisational Psychologist and a range of Therapists.

The Meehan Way can provide support and treatment for individuals in the workplace who are struggling with a mental health condition, for example those on long-term sick due to depression.

The Meehan Way can look at the psychological health of a whole organisation using highly innovative statistical analyses. It can deliver group or whole-organisation interventions, designed to improve the psychological health of the workforce.

The Meehan Way also has a research arm, which is looking at which workplace interventions for mental health conditions are most effective and cost-efficient. 

If you would like to find out more about what The Meehan Way can offer your business, please contact Michelle Mocan on 07495 533003 or complete the online form below. 

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